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Leadbelly is our homage to the muscle car, brutally simple, minimalist lines, lowered over some of the fattest tires we have ever made. Leadbelly sits in the Verve range, and just like a muscle car is built to be tough and last a lifetime with a beautiful shine.


Creators and connoisseurs of art toys that are built to last a lifetime. An early fascination with the beauty and magic of classic vehicles sparked a lifelong ambition to create a collection of timeless heirloom toys: A collection that would delight and captivate generations to come, children and grown ups alike. 

Playforever believe in authentic design and a flawless finish, born of an ethos that beautiful products are made from the finest materials. They use child-friendly, soft-roll rubber wheels and long-lasting, UV-resistant paint finish.

All products are safety-tested to the highest international standards.


Length 161mm x Width 80mm x Height 63mm


Suitable for ages 1 year +

Made from ABS plastic with high gloss UV coating. 
Child friendly soft-roll rubber wheels

Category: Car

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