Our Story

Hi, I'm Kimberley and these are my girls Riley & Devin (now 20 and 13)

Monkey Kids is a fabulous kids store based in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Are you looking for a beautiful baby gift?  Perhaps made in New Zealand with care and love like our luxurious merino vests and blankets.  Or for the super stylish Mama for her gorgeous monochrome nursery - the Wee Gallery Art cards would be perfect. Maybe a soft bunny or a toy to encourage babies early learning. 

Do you remember the wonderful wooden toys you played with when you were young?  I have searched to find a wonderful selection of educational and fun toys that will last and give years of fun and enjoyment.

I started Monkey Kids at home in the spare room - our website went live in October of 2004! I then moved into the garage and by June 2006 we opened our first store. Monkey Kids and has grown over the years, through a few different sized shops, before settling into our current store. You'll find us at 1149 Eruera Street, Rotorua.

My girls have been the test Monkeys over the years which has helped to shape the wonderful range of products we sell.

Thank you so much for visiting! - If you would like advice or suggestions on what to buy to create the perfect gift please just ask - I'm here to help.



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