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Grapat Seasons -Autumn


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This colourful set of wooden bowls and balls by Grapat appeals to children of all ages. These natural open-ended toys encourage children's imagination. Little ones will love to hide the balls with the bowls. As they get older they will use them for sorting and matching games, or grouping colours or shapes together. Some may even use the bowls to store their treasures.

About Grapat 
Passionately made in Spain using traditional processes Grapat wooden toys are designed to let your child's imagination grow through play. Inspired by a natural approach where having only a few key pieces encourage them to create their own games and imaginary worlds. Using simple wooden figures, cups, rings, balls and loose parts provides a natural path for true play to occur for all ages of children.

  • 12 bowls
  • 6 balls
  • includes a cloth bag

Suitable for ages 1+ year

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