Grapat Natural Free-Play Box for Games



This beautiful free-play box helps to contain the game or imaginative play space. Having a dedicated play area in this simple tray encourages greater focus and allows them to return to the game again and again as it does not have to be tidied away. This gives the child a feeing of security and ownership.
Giving your child boundaries to play within can improve care and create respect towards the action and things within it.
Fill your Box of Games with tactile items like sand, rice, flour or salt (!) to create a sensory play area, older children will have fun drawing their fingers through it, creating pictures or practising writing their letters. Add to this any of the Grapat natural wooden figures, bowls, rings or loose parts which will encourage and invite children to play, slowly without time limits or rules in a way that is natural.

About Grapat
Passionately made in Spain using traditional processes Grapat wooden toys are designed to let your child's imagination grow through play. Inspired by a natural approach where having only a few key pieces encourage them to create their own games and imaginary worlds. Using simple wooden figures, cups, rings, balls and loose parts provides a natural path for true play to occur for all ages of children.

Made from Beech

Size : 7cm x 45cm x 65cm

Suitable for ages 0+ months

PLEASE NOTE: There is a Geographical Fence placed on these products by the manufacturer. This means we are unable to ship outside of New Zealand.

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