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Traction Pads for the Swurfer Swing.

Get a grip! Non-slip traction pads provide added performance and comfort for the Swurfer. The extra grip improves stand-up Swurfing skills, and still leaves an area for comfortable sitting while keeping the seat dry (Swurfer boards are water-resistant)

Includes a set of two pads - one for each foot.

Simply peel and stick on your Swurfer board and hop on!

  • Heavy duty, long lasting EVA construction.
  • Marine grade - suitable for outdoor use
  • Soft, comfortable and stylish

A little more about the Swurfer....
Each Swurfer has been hand crafted from hard rock Maple wood - they are one of a kind! 
Conceived in Charleston South Carolina by a surfing Dad for his kids. The Swurfer is inspiring adults and kids alike to unplug and get outside. The Swurfer gives you more power, stability and a wider range of motion than traditional swings. Hop on to un-wind, have fun or stretch. It's relaxing yet energising, it's extreme yet calm, and it is athletic yet also therapeutic.

Comfortable for sitting or standing.

Perfect for children 6 years+ to adult.  
Younger children can enjoy the Swurfer with adult supervision.

Weight limit 200lbs or approx. 90kgs

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