Wishbone Balance Bike - 3n1 Recycled RED



Wishbone Bike just keeps getting better.

Just like the original wooden Wishbone Bike, the Recycled Edition is super-adjustable, converting from push-trike to balance bike and from small to tall.

But this time, they've made it from 100% recycled plastic for maximum durability and designed an innovative new frame system called rotafixTM for the perfect fit.

Easy, 3-way rotafixTM adjustment for a precision fit in seconds.
Seat adjusts from 23cm to 51cm!
For ages 1 to 6

RotafixTM is an integrated system for easy, customised seat & frame adjustability.
Developed by Wishbone for Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition, RotafixTM combines three-way seat & frame adjustability with a single fixing to precision fit Wishbone Bike to your child.
Quick & easy, RotafixTM lets you re-size your bike in seconds.

Made from recycled bottles & carpet. Lasts longer, lighter weight and lower carbon emissions than a steel bike.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an oversize item, and the price includes $20 freight. If you would like to pick up from our store, please contact us directly.

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