Tender Leaf What's Up?

Tender Leaf Toys


How do you feel today? With a multitude of expressions, the What's up face is great for helping children show how they are feeling when they can't find the words.
Useful in a home, daycare, therapy or school environment.

This set includes a wooden face shaped base, 2 hair buns and 28 magnetic facial parts to convey lots of emotions, from happy to sad, sleepy to excited!
Encourages Social and emotional play.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Product size: 8.74" x 9.17" x 0.43"


Tender Leaf Toys design high quality wooden toys with a strong focus on child development. Attention is paid to the open-ended play value of each toy and educational benefits it offers. Designed to be passed on from sibling to sibling and future generations. Tender Leaf use non-toxic paint, sustainable rubberwood and each toy is free of formaldehyde.  

Category: Age 3+, Wooden

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