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Swurf into Summer with the ultimate swing! The Swurfer has re-invented the backyard swing.  It's unique curved shape allows you to soar through the air - giving you more power, more moves, more motion and more fun!

Its best hung from a tree but you can also hang it on your porch, from the rafters or on a standard swing set.

  • 1 wooden Swurfer with UV and water resistant finish
  • UV/Mildew resistant rope - colour may vary
  • 1 pair of adjustable wooden handles

Note length of rope supplied is enough to hang the Swurfer from a 15 foot tree branch (approx. 4.5 meters)
Swurf grip traction pads and swing-set attachment are sold separately - these will be available to purchase soon.

A little more about the Swurfer....
Each Swurfer has been hand crafted from hard rock Maple wood - they are one of a kind! 
Conceived in Charleston South Carolina by a surfing Dad for his kids. The Swurfer is inspiring adults and kids alike to unplug and get outside. The Swurfer gives you more power, stability and a wider range of motion than traditional swings. Hop on to un-wind, have fun or stretch. It's relaxing yet energising, it's extreme yet calm, and it is athletic yet also therapeutic.

Comfortable for sitting or standing.

Perfect for children 6 years+ to adult.  
Younger children can enjoy the Swurfer with adult supervision.

Weight limit 200lbs or approx. 90kgs

CARE AND MAINTENANCE:The Swurfer comes with a top of the line exterior varnish depending on the climate. You can greatly extend the life of your Swurfer board and reverse the “graying” effect by washing with regular bleach and water, letting dry, and adding a few coats of exterior varnish periodically. Replace your rope if it shows signs of wear.
Warranty information available at www.swurfer.com.

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