Plan Toy First Stacking Ring Pastel

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Plan Toys First Stacking Ring Pastel has 4 pastel coloured, rounded rings that stack on to the central rod. This classic wooden toy helps your children learn size, colour and counting.

Your toddler can stack the rings in different ways to make different patterns. Order them in largest to smallest sizes, and learn about colours. It comes with a natural wooden ball that tops the stacking ring and can also be used as a rolling toy. The central rod is also bendable as a safety measure.

This wooden stacking ring toy is made from sustainable rubberwood with non-toxic finishes. It helps children with their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and early mathematical concepts. It’s an endlessly fascinating stacking toy for toddlers!


Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 12.5 cm

Age: 12 months +

Category: Stacking, Wooden

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