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Pathfinders -Leonardo da Vinci -Trebuchet Kit


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Construct a working model and learn about the interesting history behind the trebuchet with the Leonardo Da Vinci Trebuchet kit! Explore the movement of the pieces, how different weight can affect its movement and more with this miniature working trebuchet model! You can be an inventor too by following the detailed instruction guide to complete your model. The pre-cut natural wood and plywood pieces fit together to provide you with a timeless showpiece to display, or you can use the clay (included) and discover how far the trebuchet can make it fly!

The detailed instruction guide, complete with diagrams, includes interesting information about the history of trebuchets and how Da Vinci’s design is different from the traditional design. Easily constructed within an afternoon, the Leonardo Da Vinci Trebuchet kit is an excellent hands-on activity that provides you with a unique display piece and clearly demonstrates this classic design.

The detailed instruction guide, complete with diagrams, ensures this classic design can be easily constructed in an afternoon. Interesting information about the history of the trebuchet and Da Vinci’s unique design provide users with a greater understanding of this historical design. A perfect kit for any Leonardo Da Vinci fans.

**Use of additional materials are required, such as a ruler, scissors and small clamps (not included).

Recommended for ages 12 and over. Adult supervision is recommended. Not suitable for children under three years of age.

Constructed size: 323 x 354 x 138

Collections: Construct and Build

Type: Construction

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