Lanco Concha Shell



Lanco toys can be safely given to little babies, they are hermetically sealed to prevent mould creation inside the toy. Hevea rubber has a natural softness and elasticity which make it the perfect choice as a first chew toy.

Made entirely from pure natural rubber and free from all the nasties.  Food grade dyes are used to decorate the toys.
Made in Morocco and finished in Barcelona, each Lanco toy has been lovingly handmade - each one is unique.

Hevea rubber has a natural life and will decompose over time, leaving no footprint on our planet!

Size: 2.5cm x 8.5cm x 10.5cm

Care of your Lanco toy:
Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight for long periods of time as sunlight can break down natural rubber.
Wash with a natural soap, use a toothbrush to gently scrub the cracks and crevices.
Dry well and store in a dry spot away from sunlight or high heat.

Category: Hevea Rubber, Teether

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