Enchantmints Music Box Country Horse Small



This Ballerina musical treasure box will delight any dancer. The four secret drawers are a perfect hidey spot for little treasures and children can dance along as the sweet Ballerina figurine spins to the music.
The unique watercolour designs of little ballerinas dancing and roses makes this music treasure box the perfect birthday or holiday gift and adds a delightful accent to any child's bedroom. 

Enchantmints is a Father and Daughter run business based in the USA.  
Since 2004 Enchantmints have been designing unique music boxes that have become a favourite gift to give children that they will treasure for years to come.
Their products nature imagination, gentleness, and a love for music and nature.

Teach your little one to wind up their music box. They should learn to wind with care and not crank too hard on the key. Overwinding will damage the musical movement mechanism inside the box and then the music will no longer play.

Melody - Swan Lake
When the key is fully wound the music should last two minutes.

Size: cm L x cm H x cm W

Recommended for 3 years plus due to wind-up key and drawer pulls being a choking hazard.

Code MA1001

Category: Horse, Music Box

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