Warm toes on a winters day - July 2015

March 12, 2017

Warm toes on a winters day - July 2015

Rotorua is the best place on a winters day.  With all the steam and mud it's easy to find places to get warm.  Today the girls and I went off to explore Kuirau Park, the sun was shining and although not cold there was definateley a winter chill in the air.


So a little dip in the hot pools was perfect!

The girls were enchanted. 


The playground is fabulous and can entertain all ages of children.  There are some amazing climbing structures that Riley at 13 was challenged by and plenty of slides and swings for the little ones.  

But what seemed to draw the kids in were all those twirly-roundabout-I'm going to get as dizzy as I can things!

I loved these rubbish bins lined up all painted in fabulous colours too.






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